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Future It is an automobile accessory manufacturing company. They are known for bringing new & innovative products in the market. They decide to indiaise some automotive accessories & enhance customer experience.

They took the back cover of ford Eco-sport car and wanted to re-create it with ford.

1. Better Aesthetics:- To give a sporty look to ford Eco-sport.
2. Better Fitment:- Existing port made noises due to improper fitting.
3. Color Customization:- The user could customize color and create good contrasts.

GPI Team studied over 50+ similar cars present across the globe of various brands and the team had a fair idea of what was to be made. The final design was created and prototype was made for testing purposes. After approval the mould was made final components were produced.

The new product was launched into the market and consumers were delighted to find an option available to replace old boring lovers.

It was so well accepted that ford noticed the same and approached jpg It is to sell the covers to them directly new doors opened up for jpg It is and now they are vendors to ford.