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Glass to Plastic

Arvind Press Caps Ltd. is a pioneer for metal parts in lighting industry with major market share in India. They serve all major lighting giants like: Philips, Halonix, Osram, Surya, Orient, Grompton, Graves etc.

The Lighting market is changing across the globe and there has been a shift to make environment friendly products. Glass and Metal parts require a shift to plastic, and was a new sphore for APCL.

They came in contact with us and expressed their requirement.

  • 1. GPI understood the project and the designing was done.
  • 2. After getting 3D model approved a small mould was made for sampling purposes.
  • 3. Multiple iterations were done and final product was created.
  • 4. Final sample was submitted to Philips for approval and product was accepted.
  • 5. Production mould was made and millions of parts have been supplied till date.

Arvind Press Caps Ltd. started a new product range with plastic replacing glass and thus gaining competitive advantage over their competitors and getting more business from these Customers.

Now, similar shift is being done for other products as well.