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Corrugated to Plastic

Shivalik is well known toffee, Chocolates and biscuits manufactures with their consumers relishing the products pan India.

It is commonly said "The better you display the more you sell". Some were the aspirations of Mr. Paramjeet, CEO of Shivalik. They wanted to upgrade thier packaging from corrugated boxes to more appealing and reusable plastic boxes. In FMCG products cost is an important factor which needs to be considered while development.

GPI has a rich experience in housings and packaging. We did a survey with of chocolate packing and developed a box for Mr. Paramjeet offering them a price reduction of 20% compared to similar packing available in the market. This reduction was offered by doing value engineering in the design and creating a lightweight and sturdy product.

The sales of Shivalik toffee grew as the product looked more appealing compared to similar products present on the shape. Profits grew as there was price reduction offered by GPI in the packaging boxes.